Diagrams your audience will remember

What do diagrams need to be remembered by your audience?

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Aude Oliva’s team at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) examined this die in a study:

  • People remeber diagrams best when they contain “images of human- recognizable” objects. Photos of people, cartoons or logos and not just bar graphs or abstract visualizations.
  • Same thing is observed for unusual chart types like Ungewöhnliche Chart-Typen wie z.B. tree diagramsnetwork diagrams or matrix diagrams compared to bar graphs or circle graphs.

Audo Oliva’s team didn’t define design guidelines for the reason that there are of course other important things to keep in mind like aesthetics or accurancy of a visualization.

What makes a data visualization memorable?

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How to write a song for complete beginners


On a special bargain I bought a music software for my Windows computer at It cost about 50€ and I  had never thought how much fun it would be.

First thing I tried was composing music by combining sound snippets from a soundpool. Just tell which style you want and your instrumental song is just one click away. Not bad but too easy and not enough touch of individuality to really have fun.

What I wanted was a software that would allow me to record different tracks with different instruments and song tracks. The software package included the Magix Music Studio 2. Easy to use, a good choice for my first experiments.

Here’s what I would recommend:

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Add a Clap-O-Meter (Applause Meter) to your Powerpoint Presentation

When I hold a presentation my audience usually freaks out – more or less. What I ever wanted is a clap-o-meter on the last slide of my presentation. Well here is one. I’m sorry it’s not as easy as it should be – but I like it :-). clap-o-meter

If you have read my previous posts about using the Microsoft Webbrowser control in your Powerpoint presentation you have done half of the job.

Want to see more before we start? Watch a short video on YouTube.

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Using Flutter To Control Your Powerpoint Presentation With Gestures

Most people use wireless presenters to control their presentations. There are several good presenters from Logitech or Kensington. Just search the Amazon store for wireless presenter.


FlutterApp for Mac and Windows enables you to control your presentation with gestures. All you need is a webcam found in every notebook.

Flutter supports three gestures. Start/stop presentation, next slide and previous slide.

Trying it is very easy.

  1. Download Flutter at
  2. Try the flutter gesture tutorial.
  3. I’d recommend setting Powerpoint the “Preferred App” in Flutter (Right mouse click on the flutter icon in your system area | Preferred App | Powerpoint).

You should plan exactly where your webcam is positioned while you are presenting. The Flutter developers recommend a distance of 1-6 ft. To gain more flexibility I use a webcam connected with a 1.50m cable to the USB port of my notebook.

It needs some practice to smoothly integrate the gestures into your presentation but you can  be sure to gain attention by your technically educated listeners.

If you don’t have this kind of audience think about using a wirelss presenter to be able to focus on your presentation. Your audience won’t understand  what you are doing :-)




Playing With Microsoft WebBrowser Control

The previous articles showed how to use the Microsoft WebBrowser control to include live web pages in Powerpoint presentations. In this article I want to play with javascript code snippets.   tearableclothandclock

You’ll find great snippets at code playgrounds like or Two of my favorite snippets are Tearable cloth and Nikolai Rassadins Wall Clock in Pure CSS3.

I’ll provide the tools to include both of them in your powerpoint presentation.

Watch a short video on YouTube.

Are you interested? Then follow the next steps:

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